ITALIA CITTÀ d’ARTE (Italy City of Art) is about my travelling and discovering my country, with the aim to go further the traditional idea of a travel diary, and employ a more heart to heart language style.

I visualize my land like a huge city full of art everywhere and under different forms. I call it one big city because I feel at home at any part of it.

Verbania - lungolago

My name is Patrizia, I was born in Turin, Northern Italy.

I studied foreign languages and cherish memories of travelling to unusual places such as Iceland, South Dakota and New Zealand.

I worked mainly as hotel receptionist and in the latest years, as family caregiver for my elderly parents, until they passed away and I moved to Florence.

I also speak German, Spanish and some French, and I live a very dynamic life.

I love opera, classic novels and films, nature, what’s finest… On top of all: music. Spirituality also plays a central role in my life, I have been a Christian for more than twenty years.

Vicenza - Gallerie d'Italia

This blog marks the end of a personal chapter and the beginning of a new one.

I have realized that the country I was born in is to me very unknown. Beauty is everywhere, and can often be found where we would expect it the least.

This has been enough motivation for me to join the FAI – The National Trust for Italy, the most influencing organization to preserve our valuable heritage for present and future generations. I am a voluntary assistant who dreams to establish one day a partnership

I feel the time has come to explore new ways to do storytelling, and especially exercise togetherness. I will never leave behind what’s deep, that something special linked to the name Italy that has proved to be of great impact nowadays as well as in past centuries.

At present I have written two articles you can read in North and design your travel .

You can find me also on socials; if you like what I post, and the conversations I try to engage, please share! This will help me to be known!

Grazie – Thank you – Gracias – Danke – Merci